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Matt Martorello is an entrepreneur, a venture capitalist, an adventurer, and most importantly, a husband and a father. Always motivated by the connectedness to the people he surrounds himself with, especially his two young boys and the joy they bring him, Matt is inspired to lead by example.  To set ego aside and to listen, to be eager to be corrected, to be grateful and humble in his quest to make a positive social impact through business and philanthropic efforts.  He works by motivating others to live a purpose driven life the same every day.

Matt is constantly looking to assist and invest companies that can transform the finance industry for a positive social impact. He believes that the combination of the right people, the right purpose and the right technologies will drive the change the industry desperately needs for the betterment of society. The individuals Matt has brought together to run the companies which has founded are those who are passionate about their missions.  Be it, preventing billions of dollars in fraud on Wall Street with better regtech, opening up credit access to thousands of Americans who were otherwise without options, or creating a “path to prime” for Americans to improve their credit, their savings plans and their financial well-being.

Matt currently lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife and two boys, ages one and three. Matt and his family are active members of the Highland Park United Methodist Church and enjoy participating in numerous philanthropic endeavors including economic development and relief efforts in the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, assisting patients in gaining free access to crucial medication and more recently supporting local programs helping disadvantaged children.




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